About me

Hey good lookin’!  Welcome to Truth and Grit, the blog about truth, grit, jiu jitsu and other adventures.  Why truth and grit?  Well I’m glad you asked.  I do my best to live as honestly as possible (sometimes brutally so) and believe the best of life and ourselves is found in the gritty details, the perseverance, the tough stuff.  Grit is also the stuff inside that pushes us to take on challenges outside our comfort zones.  We’ll be talking about jiu jitsu because I am happiest on the mats and it provides me with tremendous growth and joy.  And who doesn’t love other adventures?

          It is my hope that you will have a good time following along and reading stories from a real person living a real life.  Do you have to be a fellow jits freak to derive any enjoyment from these stories?  Nope.  I only hope that I can provide content that you can relate to you and maybe even inspire to take the next step towards your own wild and crazy goals or adventures.  Keep up with the latest and subscribe your email, follow along on Instagram and Pinterest.