How Obsessed

How obsessed? Yes. We’re a how obsessed society. So often we quit The Thing or get frustrated af because we can’t see how it’s going to work. Over and over, we ask ourselves “How?” How can I possibly do this seemingly impossible thing? How can I make this work? How will I ever have enough time? And then, if you’re anything like me, you get that panicked feeling in your chest and quit. But what if there was a way or even ways past the Dreaded Wall of How?

When we ask ourselves how something can be done, we are asking someone with limited experience, conditioning and viewpoints. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s important to be aware of our human limitations. It’s also important to be aware of the words we use with ourselves. We all know the 5 W’s (who/what/where/when/why) and guess what? They are going to lead us past How.

How. It’s singular, often (but not always) without a great deal of hope behind it. But the 5 W’s? Packed with options. A little more gentle and less demanding. For example, if you write How Can I Do The Thing? on a piece of paper and then write out all your answers, it’ll probably be a somewhat short list. But if you were to write out questions like “Who can help me?” “What haven’t I tried yet?” “Where can I look for information?” or “Why is this important to me?” You are not only going to have more answers but better answers. Maybe even a good hit of inspiration!

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